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The ETF Investor

Mar 31, 2020

Market crises cause anxiety for investors - both retail and professionals - and as much as we cannot control or influence market movements, we can do so with our own reactions to the market turmoil. In this podcast we revisit some rational and prudent investment strategies to help navigate turbulent waters.

Mar 24, 2020

The etfSA Investor Hub offers investors who want to manage their own ETF investments, and make their own investment decisions, a fully digital platform to do just that. In this podcast, Mike Brown, MD of etfSA, discusses the rationale of taking over the CoreShares Online platform, with Gareth Stobie, MD of CoreShares.

Mar 17, 2020

In this episode we take a closer look at using ETFs in retirement savings, and how you can use it to benefit you now – by saving tax upfront, how the flexibility of it allows you to build up long term savings whenever you earn money, whether from a regular salary or from ad hoc part-time work or from...

Mar 10, 2020

In this first episode of The ETF Investor podcast series, we look at tax-free investments, an opportunity that should be the first investment for any investor. But what is it, who can have one, how do you get involved, and of course, how do you use ETFs in tax-free investments.